2022 Programme

The conference will be held on Thursday 28 July 2022 in Prague association with IAML 2022

All sessions (papers and posters) will be at the Municipal Library. Paper presentations will be given in Congress room B.

Preliminary programme:

Oral presentations

9:00–10:30 Joint IAML - DLfM Session — Chair: Laurent Pugin
  Segmentation, Transcription, Analysis and Visualisation of the Norwegian Folk Music Archive Olivier Lartillot, Anders Elowsson, Mats Johansson and Hans-Hinrich Thedens
  Summary Features as the Basis for Content-Based Queries of Symbolic Music Repositories [IAML Submission] Cory McKay and Julie E. Cumming
  Full-Text Searching of Music Online: An update on progress in F-TEMPO [IAML Submission] Tim Crawford and Alastair Porter
10:30–11.00 Coffee break and poster session (see below)
11:00–12.30 Session 1 – Data and models — Chair: Claire Arthur
  A model for annotating musical versions and arrangements across multiple documents and media David Lewis, Elisabete Shibata, Mark Saccomano, Lisa Rosendahl, Johannes Kepper, Christine Siegert and Kevin Page.
  Digitization of Choirbooks in Guatemala Martha E. Thomae, Julie E. Cumming and Ichiro Fujinaga
  A Corpus Describing Orchestral Texture in First Movements of Classical and Early-Romantic Symphonies Dinh-Viet-Toan Le, Mathieu Giraud, Florence Levé and Francesco Maccarini
14:00–15.30 Session 2 - FAIR principles in Digital Libraries for Musicology — Chair: Desiree Mayer
  The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra's New Year's Concerts: Building a FAIR Data Corpus for Musicology David M. Weigl, Chanda Vanderhart, Matthäus Pescoller, Delilah Rammler, Markus Grassl, Fritz Trümpi and Werner Goebl
  FAIR but Flexible: Designing for Dynamic User Contributions in Digital Musicology Resources Alan Dix, Stephen Downie, Rachel Cowgill, Charlotte Armstrong, Rupert Ridgewell, Michael Twidale, Maureen Reagan and Kathleen McGowan
  The Alignment of Open Access with FAIR Principles in Musicological Publishing and Teaching Anne Shelley and Rachel Scott
15:30–16:00 Coffee break and poster session (see below)
16:00–17:30 Session 3 - Tools and visualisationChair: Martha E. Thomae
  MeRIT: An interactive annotation tool for mensural rhythms Anna Plaksin and David Lewis
  Phantom Curves: Scientific Discovery through Interactive Music Visualization Fabian C. Moss, Giovanni Affatato and Daniel Harasim
  Polyrhythm Analysis Using the composite Tool Ève Poudrier and Craig Stuart Sapp

Poster presentations (10:30-11:00 and 15:30-16:00)