DLfM 2018 Programme

The conference will be held between 09:30am and 5:30pm on Friday 28th September 2018, at the Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM), Paris, France. Address: 1, Place Igor-Stravinsky, 75004 Paris.

Oral presentations

9:30 Welcome. Chair: Kevin Page
9:40 Technological Advances. Chair: J. Stephen Downie
  Extended playing techniques: the next milestone in musical instrument recognition Long paper Vincent Lostanlen, Joakim Andén and Mathieu Lagrange
  myTune: Web Visualization Technologies for Irish Traditional Music Archives Long paper Joseph Timoney, Thomas Lysaght and Corneille Tshibasu
  Publishing musicology using multimedia digital libraries: Creating interactive articles through a framework for Linked Data and MEI Short paper David Lewis, David M. Weigl, Joanna Bullivant and Kevin Page
11:00 Coffee break and posters (Unlocking Musicology Challenge)
11:20 Digital Studies. Chair: Tim Crawford
  No Longer 'Somewhat Arbitrary': Calculating Salience in GTTM-Style Reduction Long paper Alan Marsden, Satoshi Tojo and Keiji Hirata
  On large-scale genre classification in symbolically encoded music by automatic identification of repeating patterns Short paper Andres Ferraro and Kjell Lemström
  Differentiae in the Cantus Manuscript Database: Standardization and Musicological Application Long paper Rebecca Shaw
  Music in newspapers: interdisciplinary opportunities and data-related challenges Short paper Cynthia Liem
13:00 Lunch generously sponsored by the TROMPA project and posters (Unlocking Musicology Challenge)
14:00 Recognition and Encoding. Chair: David Lewis
  MuRET: A music recognition, encoding, and transcription tool Short paper David Rizo, Jorge Calvo-Zaragoza and José Manuel Iñesta
  How Current Optical Music Recognition Systems Are Becoming Useful for Digital Libraries Short paper Jan Hajič Jr., Marta Kolárová, Alexander Pacha and Jorge Calvo-Zaragoza
  Evaluating Symbolic Representations in Melodic Similarity Long paper David Wickland, David Calvert and James Harley
  Encoding Matters Short paper Nestor Napoles Lopez, Gabriel Vigliensoni and Ichiro Fujinaga
15:30 Coffee break and posters (Unlocking Musicology Challenge)
16:00 Collections. Chair: Kevin Page
  JazzCats: Navigating an RDF triplestore of integrated performance metadata Short paper Daniel Bangert, Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller, J. Stephen Downie and Yun Hao
  An open corpus for the computational research of Arab-Andalusian music Long paper Rafael Caro Repetto, Niccolò Pretto, Amin Chaachoo, Barış Bozkurt and Xavier Serra
  Scores of Scores: An 'OpenScore' project to liberate sheet music and musical file formats Long paper Mark Gotham, Peter Jonas, Bruno Bower, William Bosworth, Daniel Rootham and Leigh Vanhandel

Poster presentations – Unlocking Musicology Challenge

Using Dezrann in Musicology and MIR Research Mathieu Giraud
(Re)Valuing Australian Jazz: Unlocking the legitimisation of a culture through digital curation, presentation and availability of the Australian Jazz Real Book Tim Nikolsky
Innovative MIR Applications at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Jürgen Diet
Developing Music Digital Library based on Polish Traditional Music Archives and dLibra Marcin Werla, Jacek Jackowski, Magdalena Chudy, Ewa Łukasik, Ewa Kuśmierek and Ewa Dahlig-Turek
DCMI: A Database of Chinese Musical Instruments Zijin Li, Xiaojing Liang, Jingyu Liu, Wei Li, Jiaxing Zhu and Baoqiang Han
A Large-Scale Semantic Library of MIDI Linked Data Albert Meroño-Peñuela, Anna Kent-Muller, Reinier de Valk, Marilena Daquino and Enrico Daga

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