2024 Programme

The conference will be held on Thursday 27 June 2024 in Stellenbosch, as a satellite event of IAML.

All sessions (papers and posters) will be at the Konservatorium of Stellenbosch University.

Preliminary programme:

Oral presentations

9:00 Session 1: Automatic classification | Chair: David Lewis
9:00 Direct labelling of form of Classical-period piano sonata movements from audio recordings
Short paper
Paul Burger and J. P. Jacobs
9:30 Acoustic classification of guitar tunings with deep learning
Full paper
Edward Hulme, David Marshall, Kirill Sidorov and Andrew Jones
10:00 Svara-forms and coarticulation in carnatic music: An investigation using deep clustering
Full paper
Thomas Nuttall, Xavier Serra and Lara Pearson
10:30 Break & Posters
11:00 Session 2: Community DLs and archives | Chair: Anna Plaksin
11:00 (Re-)capturing the emotional geography of lost venues: A case study of the Willow Community Digital Archive
Full paper
Rachel Cowgill, David Bainbridge, Alan Dix, Victoria Hoyle, Vicki Fong and David Thomas
11:30 Popular musical arrangements in the nineteenth century home: A study of the Harmonicon supported by digital tools
Full paper
David Lewis and Kevin Page
12:00 Poster Slam
12:30 Lunch break
14:00 Session 3: Sources, encodings, editions | Chair: Patricia García Iasci

Open Edirom: From hybrid music edition to open data publication
Short paper

Lena Frömmel, Tobias Bachmann, Anna Plaksin and Andreas Münzmay
14:30 A preliminary proposal for a systematic GABC encoding of Gregorian chant
Full paper
Martha E. Thomae, David Rizo, Eliseo Fuentes-Martínez, Cristina Alís Raurich, Elsa De Luca and Jorge Calvo-Zaragoza
15:30 Navigating the RISM data with RISM Online
Full paper
Andrew Hankinson and Laurent Pugin
15:30 Break & Posters
16:00 Session 4: Tools for digital musicology | Chair: Laurent Pugin
16:00 FACETS: A tool for improved exploration of large symbolic music collections
Short paper
Tiange Zhu, Raphaël Fournier-S'Niehotta and Philippe Rigaux
16:30 An online tool for semi-automatically annotating music scores for optical music recognition
Short paper
Stanisław Graczyk, Zuzanna Piniarska, Mateusz Kałamoniak, Tomasz Łukaszewski, Ewa Łukasik

JazzDAP: Collaborative research tools for digital jazz archives
Short paper

Kevin Allain, Tillman Weyde

Poster presentations (10:30-11:00 and 15:30-16:00)

The Amu Score Project, Inc. Felicia Sandler  
Development and structure of an audio-MIDI database for
Iranian classical music
Sepideh Shafiei and Shapour Hakam  
MEI-Basic support in MuseScore

Laurent Pugin, Johannes Hentschel, Yannis Rammos, Andrew Hankinson and Martin Rohrmeier