2023 Programme

The conference will be held on Friday 10 November 2023 in Milan, as a satellite event of ISMIR.

All sessions (papers and posters) will be at the Biblioteca del Conservatorio di Milano.

Preliminary programme:

Oral presentations

9:15 Welcome
9:25 Session 1: Music Heritage Preservation and Traditional Music | Chair: David M. Weigl
  A Multimodal Methodology for Music Field Recording and Archival
Short paper
Juan Sierra, Safeya Alblooshi, Beth Russell, and Carlos Guedes
  Aligning Incomplete Lyrics of Korean Folk Song Dataset using Whisper
Short paper
Danbinaerin Han, Daewoong Kim, and Dasaem Jeong
  An Algorithmic Approach to Automated Symbolic Transcription of Hindustani Vocals
Long paper
Rhythm Jain and Claire Arthur
  Computational Similarity of Portuguese Folk Melodies Using Hierarchical Reduction
Long paper
Nádia Carvalho, Daniel Diogo, and Gilberto Bernardes

Incorporating Symbolic Representations of Traditional Music into a Digital Library
Short paper

Magdalena Chudy, Arleta Nawrocka-Wysocka, Ewa Łukasik, Ewa Kuśmierek, and Tomasz Parkoła
10:50 Coffee break sponsored by the Software Sustainability Institute
11:20 Session 2: The Human Factor in Digital Music Research and Performance | Chair: Fabian C. Moss
  Attitudes of Music Scholars Towards Digital Musicology
Short paper
Audrey Laplante and Jean-Sébastien Sauvé
  Understanding the Needs of Music Editors in a Digital World: Adding Support for Editorial Markup to the mei-friend Editor
Long paper
Anna Plaksin
  The “OpenScore String Quartet” Corpus
Long paper
Mark Gotham, Maureen Redbond, Bruno Bower, and Peter Jonas
  Sounding Out Reconstruction Error-Based Evaluation of Generative Models of Expressive Performance
Long paper
Silvan David Peter, Carlos Eduardo Cancino-Chacón, Emmanouil Karystinaios, and Gerhard Widmer
12:40 Software Sustainability Challenge Introduction | David Lewis and Kevin Page
12:45 Lunch break and poster session (starting from 13:20, see below)
14:00 Session 3: Analysis Tools and Similarity Studies | Chair: Anna Plaksin

MonodiKit: A Data Model and Toolkit for Medieval Monophonic Chant
Short paper

Tim Eipert and Fabian C. Moss
  Text Boundaries Do Not Provide a Better Segmentation of Gregorian Antiphons
Short paper
Vojtěch Lanz and Jan Hajič Jr.
  Exploring Early Vocal Music and its Lute Arrangements: Using F-TEMPO as a Musicological Tool
Short paper
Tim Crawford, David Lewis, and Alastair Porter
  Visual Presentation and Exploration of Musical Corpora – Case Study: Oskar Kolberg's Opera Omnia
Short paper
Anna M. Matuszewska
  Cross-Corpus Melodic Similarity For Enriching Archival Collections
Short paper
Peter van Kranenburg and Eoin Kearns
  The ‘Measure Map’: An Inter-Operable Standard for Aligning Symbolic Music
Long paper
Mark Gotham, Johannes Hentschel, Louis Couturier, Nathan Dykeaylen, Martin Rohrmeier, and Mathieu Giraud
15:30 Coffee break and poster session (see below)
16:10 Session 4: Music Research Environments | Chair: David Lewis
  Designing a Spatial Hypermedia Musical "Lab Notebook" to Support Ethnomusicology Research
Long paper
Sally Jo Cunningham, Daniel B. Sharp, and David Bainbridge
  Listen Here! A Web-Native Digital Musicology Environment for Machine-Assisted Close Listening
Long paper
David M. Weigl, Chanda VanderHart, Delilah Rammler, Matthäus Pescoller, and Werner Goebl

Collaborative Musicology: Designing a Digital Library of Musical Events Ephemera
Long paper

David Bainbridge, J. Stephen Downie, Rachel Cowgill, Frankie Perry, Alan J. Dix, and Michael B. Twidale
  Connecting Online Early Music Libraries and Musicological Resources: Experiments in Ergonomics in the Biblissima+ Framework
Short paper
David Fiala and Kévin Roger
17:30–17:40 Farewell

Poster presentations (13:20-14:00 and 15:30-16:10)

End-to-End Loading of New Music Libraries to F-Tempo via IIIF Alastair Porter, Tim Crawford, and David Lewis  
The DIDONE Corpus Ana Llorens and Álvaro Torrente  
Online Tools for Musicology in Dariah.lab

E. Łukasik, T. Łukaszewski, M. Sroczan, M. Pałasz, S. Graczyk, K. Kubzdela, F. Szymński, W. Kasperski, Z. Piniarska, M. Kałamoniak, P. Poznaniak, M. Chudy, and A. Nawrocka-Wysocka

The Beethoven in the House Annotator: A Linked Data Tool for Annotating Libraries of Music Editions and Images Johannes Kepper, Mark Saccomano, Andrew Hankinson, David Lewis, Lisa Rosendahl, Elisabete Shibata, and Kevin Page  
Technology-Driven Metadata Encodings for Historical Recordings Joshua Neumann and Kristina Richts-Matthaei  
Building Symbolic Music Archives from Audio: Investigating State-of-the-Art Automatic Music Transcription Systems Lele Liu and Christof Weiss  
Ricercar Data Lab - Early Music Database Sarra Ferjani and Suzy Piat  
MELOS: A Musical Ontology Framework for Diverse Cultural Repositories Savvas Kazazis, Vera Kriezi, Nikolaos Papazis, George Kokkonis, Evgenios Politis, Valia Vraka, Pantelis Brattis, Asterios Zacharakis, Alexandros Charkiolakis, and Emilios Cambouropoulos  
Preservation of Non-Western Music Heritage through Digital Encoding Shintaro Seki  
Communities in Medieval Troper Networks are Shaped by Carolingian Politics Tim Eipert and Fabian C. Moss  

ECOLM and Lute Tablature
Software-sustainability challenge

Chris Cannam, David Lewis, and Tim Crawford  

Can Music Libraries Withstand the Diversity of Music Resources?
Software-sustainability challenge

Shintaro Seki  

Sustainability Challenges for the MerMEId
Software-sustainability challenge

Peter Stadler and Daniel Jettka