DLfM 2019 Programme

DLfM 2019 Programme

The conference will be held between 9:00am and 5:00pm on Saturday 9th November 2019, at the National Library of The Netherlands (The Hague).

  • The compiled proceedings can be accessed via ACM.

Oral presentations

9:00 Registration (Foyer)
9:30 Welcome (Visboekzaal)
9:40 Content curation (Visboekzaal) — Chair: Gabriel Vigliensoni
  Musicological observations during rehearsal and performance: a Linked Data digital library for annotations. Long paper David Lewis, David Weigl and Kevin Page
  The Mensural Scoring-up Tool Long paper Martha E. Thomae, Julie E. Cumming and Ichiro Fujinaga
  On the Adoption of Standard Encoding Formats to Ensure Interoperability of Music Digital Archives: The IEEE 1599 Format. Short paper Luca Andrea Ludovico, Adriano Baratè, Federico Simonetta and Davide Andrea Mauro
10:55 Coffee break and TROMPA challenge posters (Foyer)
11:20 Analysis (Visboekzaal) — Chair: Christof Weiss
  Don't hide in the frames: Note- and pattern-based evaluation of automated melody extraction algorithms Long paper Klaus Frieler, Dogac Basaran, Frank Höger, Helene-Camille Crayencour, Geoffroy Peeters and Simon Dixon
  Key-Finding Based on a Hidden Markov Model and Key Profiles Short paper Nestor Napoles Lopez, Claire Arthur and Ichiro Fujinaga
  Transposition and time-warp invariant algorithm for detecting repeated patterns in polyphonic music. Long paper Antti Laaksonen and Kjell Lemström
12:35 Lunch (generously sponsored by TROMPA) and TROMPA Challenge posters (Foyer)
13:35 Analysis and applications (Visboekzaal) — Chair: Tom Collins
  A Trend Analysis on Concreteness of Popular Song Lyrics Long paper Kahyun Choi and J. Stephen Downie
  Dastgàh Recognition in Iranian music: comparison of the effects of different features and parameters Short paper Peyman Heydarian and David Bainbridge
  A diff procedure for XML music score files Long paper Francesco Foscarin, Florent Jacquemard and Raphaël Fournier-S’niehotta
14:45 Coffee break (generously sponsored by HISPAMUS)  and TROMPA challenge posters (Foyer)
15:15 Applications (Visboekzaal) — Chair: David Lewis
  MIRELA – Music Information Research Environment with dLibrA Short paper Tomasz Parkoła, Jacek Jackowski, Ewa Kuśmierek, Ewa Łukasik, Ewa Dahlig-Turek and Magdalena Chudy
  Moments Musicaux: Towards Comprehensive Catalogues of Real Repertoire for Musical Musicianship and Statistically Sound Theory Teaching Long paper Mark Gotham
  A notation-based query language for searching in symbolic music Short paper Matan Gover and Ichiro Fujinaga
  Interweaving and Enriching Digital Music Collections for Scholarship, Performance, and Enjoyment Short paper David M. Weigl, Werner Goebl, Tim Crawford, Aggelos Gkiokas, Nicolas F. Gutierrez, Alastair Porter, Patricia Santos, Casper Karreman, Ingmar Vroomen, Cynthia C. S. Liem, Álvaro Sarasúa and Marcel van Tilburg

Poster presentations

SIMSSA DB: Symbolic Music Discovery and Search Emily Hopkins, Yaolong Ju, Gustavo Polins Pedro, Cory McKay, Julie Cumming and Ichiro Fujinaga
ACMUS-MIR: A new annotated data set of Andean Colombian music Fernando Mora-Angel, Gustavo Adolfo López Gil, Estefanía Cano and Sascha Grollmisch
Mapping the Sounds of the Swahili coast and the Arab Mashriq: Music research at the intersection of computational analysis and cultural heritage preservation Konstantinos Trochidis, Beth Russell, Andrew Eisenberg, Oscar Gomez, Kaustuv Kanti Ganguli, Carlos Guedes, Virginia Danielson and Christos Plachouras
Universal Music Context Representation with Multi-modal Analysis for efficient Retrieval using Parallel Processing Paradigm Makarand Velankar, Vaibhav Khatavkar and Parag Kulkarni